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Cute Stuffed Baking Recipe

Really cute stuffed baking recipe for your friend. Just need dough, ground pork, oven, conic mold, you will have a baking that’s simple, delicious “Carrots”. For preference, look at the directions on pictures here.

For the stuffing, you can choose your desire: maybe sweetened stuffing such as mung bean, sugar, cream cheese or salted fillings such as ground pork/beef, and whatever you want. Not only is it nicely presented, it is also yummy. Try it!

To do your work, let’s see the pictures from left to right, step 1 to step 7, you see, it is simple, right?

Step 1, 2, 3 and 4: prepare your dough and shape it with a conic tool (you can make it with aluminium paper).

Step 5, 6: Color your dough with food color or if you do not want to do this, you just brush a thin layer of beaten egg outside. Then bake your shaped dough at 170 degree celsius for about 30 minutes. ( Of course, you oven is preheated for 10 minutes before, right!)

Step 7: while waiting for baked dough cooled, make your stuffings with: bread crumbs, ground lean pork, seasonings, and chilli sauce or canned tomatoes sauce. Stir fry your fillings and the last step is: stuff enough filling into the baked dough as showed in the photo.



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