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Irish Style Chocolate Cakes For Christmas

This chocolate cake bring us the best treat for Christmas dessert by its traditional chocolate flavored cake and Irish characteristics.


For cheese cake

For chocolate layer


+ All purpose flour


+ black chocolate, dark chocolate


+ 1 egg


+ 5 egg yolk


+ fresh milk, gelatine powder


+ fresh milk


+ cream cheese (at room temprature)


+ whipping cream, Irish wine


 + lemon zest + sugar, cocoa powder


How to make 



Preheat oven at 175 Degree Celcius

1. Beat creamcheese  with sugar, 1 egg untill smooth and fluffy, gradually add milk then all purpose flour, lemon zest. Continue mixing well. Turn the mixture into a baking trap, bake for about 45 min till golden brown and firm. Then cool it in refrige.

2. Beat egg yolk and sugar thoroughly. Bring  milk to a boil then add into the mixture, stir well to match.

Devide this mixture into 2 portion: one added white chocolate and the remaining added dark chocolate.

Gelatine powder cooked following the instruction and pour into egg, milk mixture.

Meanwhile, beat Irish wine and whipping cream to fluffy and then add cool chocolate mixture.

The last step is pour this mixture over the cheese cake done above. Store at refrige to complete the mousse.

Sprinkle chocolate powder over the cake.




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