3:37 pm - Thursday November 15, 2018

Recipes for a gloomy day

Choose Grilled Vegetables Skewers as being overwhelming with paper works or chores makes your stress double? Being disappointed being blamed for unexpected mistakes? The should do thing is not make your gloomy day worse.

There are different solutions to different people in this situation. On my own, going into kitchen and make my favorite recipe or a better way is try a new recipe. My favorite menu includes chicken rice soup or chocolate covered strawberries , and many others. However, for a gloomy day like this day, try a game with vegetables. I bet that cheerful color from variations of veggies will let go of your sorrow soon.

For the first recipe which is wholy veg, you will need:

1 medium red pepper
1 medium green pepper
1 medium onion
8-10 mushrooms
Fresh or dried thyme
Olive oil, stainless steel skewers or bamboo.

To make, you need step-by-step procedure:

1. Wash the peppers and cut into bite sized slices. Wash and trim the mushrooms and cut in half. Peel the onion and slice.
2. Make up the kebabs alternating vegetables as you go. In a large shallow dish, big enough for the kebabs to fit pour in two cupfuls of olive oil and a generous amount of thyme.
3. Add the kebabs and allow to marinade in the oil turning now and then for an hour or so.
Cook on the barbecue or grill until cooked through.

For vegetables alternatives, you can choose: either white onion or purple onion, also both; aubergine, courgette and cherry tomatoes are works well for taste; I do not suggest only veggies, because you can add fish cubes or red meat pieces. Enjoy your better day with cheering skewers.

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