6:12 am - Tuesday September 25, 2018

Seafood Creamy Balls

Enjoy thes seafood cakes with fried crispy coat and creamy filling. You will make it for later time as it is both spicy and simple.
- 300gr crab meat ( shrimp, squid, fish for alternative)
- 2 eggs, half-boiled
- 2 eggs
- 30gr cream, 300ml milk
- 130gr flour, 150gr of bread crumbs
- Salt and pepper
1. Peel 2 boiled eggs, chop into small cubes, mix it with minced crab meat. Do not forget add pepper and salt to taste. 
2. Whip 2 other eggs till fluffy in a bowl, add plain flour and cream. Mix well with the (1) mixture.
3. Shape the mixture into balls. Then orderly, coat the balls with flour and then with egg yolk. Lastly roll them into bread crumbs ( ruffled fried flour).
5. Heat the saute pan with a moderate oil and deep fry balls till golden brown. And here you are! Serve hot with chili sauce is great.


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