6:13 am - Tuesday September 25, 2018

Strawberry Santa Claus

Each Christmas is time to present your kitchen skills with many recipes. Turkeys or cakes are certainly main courses on the Christmas table. If you are confused how to make a surprise this year, you can use this treat to decorate your feast. Simple but very interesting technique in season.

Ready? You need: strawberries, ice cream, some chocolate.

How to make

- Cream should be kept in refridge for about 15 minutes.
- Put cream into a large pot, add 20g sugar, slowly whip it until the cream is pasted. You can use egg beater machine.
- Strawberries, washed and soaked in salt water. This tip will make strawberries become firm.
- Use a sharp knife, cut 1 / 3 strawberries.
- Use a small spoon, draw the frozen cream on the 2 / 3 strawberry, top with the remainning strawberries pieces, add some ice cream on top making hat of Santa.
- Melted chocolated to decorate the mouth and eyes of Santas.
Let see your works. They are very cute, aren’t they?
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