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Ya Ka Mein (aka "Old Sober")

Pronounced Yock-a-MAY, and often called "Yock" by locals, this fragrant concoction is typically served at African-American bars, Second Lines and festivals....

Author: Donna Graffagnino

Menudo with Pig's Feet

This is a Mexican Soup that is served mostly on Saturday and Sunday. I grew up eating this and have fond memories of family around a large table, laughing...

Author: Christine Garza

Delicious Menudo



Easy Turnip Green Soup

I think tunips greens is a very southern veggie and I for one love em! This soup will take the chill off on a cold day and is perfect for bringing in the...

Author: Diane Atherton

Steak 'n Shake Chili (copycat)

I grew up eating at this Restaurant and this copycat recipe is pretty close to their wonderful chili which they serve by the bowl or on top of french fries...

Author: Daily Inspiration S

Beef Stew from Flemish Belgium, or Vlaamsche Stooflees

Just returned from a fabulous trip to Oberstaufenbach, Germany, to visit my very best friend, Dorothea. We took a four day trip to Brugge, Belgium, where...

Author: Terrie Hoelscher

Super Bowl Chili (Anytime)

Chunky and full of texture, this chili isn't for the faint of heart. It has some kick behind it. I love the mixture of pork and ground beef - it adds something...

Author: Bennie Shaw

Canned Corned Beef Hash Soup

I love soups and making them from Semi scratch works for me too. If you are busy and love a good meal on the table in a hurry, make a big batch of this...

Author: Sandra Allen

Carne Guisada Slow Cooker (Mexican Beef Stew)

This recipe is so easy! Typically this Mexican stew is labor intensive and requires babysitting. Not this recipe, the slow cooker does all the hard work....

Author: Vickie Parks

Jimmy's Mulligan Stew

Mulligan stew is an improvised dish said to have been prepared by American hobos in camps in the early 1900s. "Mulligan" is a stand-in for any Irishman,...

Author: Diane Atherton


This is a very simple, hearty soup from Switzerland. Recipe from: http://www.recipelion.com Photo source: anonymekoeche.net

Author: Ellen Bales

Hearty Buffalo Stew

A simple crock pot recipe. I like to also add potatoes.

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)

Crock Pot Country Beef Stew

Tender chunks of beef and vegetables in a savory gravy makes this stew a hit with everybody.

Author: Kevin Anthony

Thick and Hearty Southwestern Beef Stew

Thick, rich and hearty beef stew that is anything BUT bland, if you know what I mean! It took me several years to perfect this recipe, and I'm proud to...

Author: Kelly Williams

8 Can Soup Crockpot

This is a very hearty, chili-like soup for the crock pot. Great served with a good crusty bread. A great freezer meal recipe. This makes good sized servings...

Author: Lauren Conforti

2 by 4 soup

This can be made to fit one person or doubled or tripled to feed many. Very good on a cold day.

Author: Cecilia Cummins

My Mom's Old Fashioned Macaroni Soup

My mom is now 91 years old. She grew up during the depression era and she was one of 12 children. Obviously, they had to invent ways to feed a huge family...

Author: Robyn Bruce

Carne Guisada (Mexican Beef Stew)

While living in San Antonio, Texas and working at a Mexican restaurant I fell in love with this Mexican Stew. It is so flavorful and delicious that it...

Author: Kimberly Biegacki

Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup

Cooler weather means more soups on the menu and this recipe should be added to your rotation. It's basically a stuffed bell pepper in soup form. What really...

Author: Jennifer Skelton

Chili Soup

This is my Grandmothers recipe,and we here in Nebraska serve our chili with cinnamon rolls and cheddar cheese :) I've heard its only a Mid-west thing,...

Author: Elizabeth Lancaster

Hamburger Cabbage Soup

This is a great Chili alternative on a cold winter day. A good friend Jean Smith from Joilet, IL gave me this recipe in 1972. If you like cabbage it's...

Author: Gary Hancq


It's that season again - soup and chili. This recipe will feed a good sized crew of hungry people...For smaller batch, try my Hot Dogey Chili recipe that...

Author: sallye bates

Brisket Beef Barley Soup

Alton Brown, when cooking a brisket, advised to cut the smaller end off and make it into a soup. So here is the soup we made from the brisket tip! We LOVE...

Author: Helene Mulvihill

Waldorf Astoria Stew

The NYC Waldorf Astoria became famous for several dishes. This is one of them. From FIX-IT AND FORGET-IT COOKBOOK, Feasting with Your Slow Cooker.

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)

Beef Shank Bone Soup

Bone soup has healing and nutritional properties that come from the marrow. I am so accustomed to broth from a box that I felt I needed to try this and...

Author: Sandra McGrath

5 Hour Stew

This is my mom's recipe. She has recently passed away. I make it just to have her close by. Great stew for a chilly night!

Author: shari wood

Hearty Hamburger Soup

Saw this posted on Facebook and thought I'd save it for a cold day!

Author: Sherry Tinnell

Authentic Sopa De Albondigas

My grandmother's recipe has finally found it's way to my hands! YAY I made this and it is the absolute best Albondigas I've ever had... The only difference...

Author: Melissa Baldan

Gone All Day Stew

I found this recipe in the March/April 1991 issue of Reminisce magazine and it was by Patricia Kyle. I've tried many stews, but this is the one I always...

Author: Patricia J.

Hamburger & Barley Soup

a very hearty soup.

Author: Kima McCartney

Portuguese Sopas

Author: Patty Lewis

Snowmobile Soup

Great soup/stew for a really cold day!

Author: Stephanie Leamer

Meatloaf Soup

My family loves this on a cold night. It's cheap, easy and filling. I serve mine with Mistaken Biscuits for an added comfort.

Author: Rainn Thomas

Hungarian Goulash Soup

Tastes like you worked for hours in the kitchen. A fantastic, hearty soup. Be sure to use Hungarian Paprika. The typical paprika we use has little taste....

Author: Kathie Carr

Better than Homemade Slow Cooker Beef Stew

This is a hearty stew that will make a perfect meal for your family on a cold winter night. You could start it in your crockpot in the morning before you...

Author: Bobbi Jo Woods

Tomato Vegetable Beef Stew

This is a good stew on a cold day or to just make up a large batch and freeze it.

Author: Nancy Allen

"Unstuffed" Green Pepper Soup for the Crock Pot

This soup is amazing! It smells and tastes just like stuffed peppers. When cooking, people will think you have stuffed peppers baking in the oven. The...

Author: Angie Robinson

Caldillo (Northern New Mexico style Soup)

The longer this cooks, the more the aroma drifts through the house and the anticipation will make you even hungrier! This was a comforting,hearty soup...

Author: Teresa Morgan

Cabbage beef stew

This recipe is outstanding! I absolutely love cabbage cooked so many different ways.

Author: Gina Collier

Italian Spinach Dumpling Stew

Fluffy and tender spinach cheese dumpling top this hearty stovetop stew

Author: Jamallah Bergman

Mom's hamburger stew

This is a hearty hamburger soup. I made beer bread to accompany it.

Author: marilyn ruguleiski

Beef Stew Marsala

I love to add wine in my Beef Stew recipes. Marsala was the kind I had on hand this time and it came out very tasty! This is an easy, basic beef stew recipe,...

Author: Lauren Conforti

German Beef Stew

My ex father-in-law was a German and so we would have to fix this for him. Its really good so I hope you enjoy.

Author: Zelda Hopkins

Rolo Cupcakes


Author: Lisa Duggans

Lazy Day Hamburger Soup

My family absolutely loves this soup! I serve it with a side of warm french bread or corn bread. It's fulfilling, hearty and easy. You can make this soup...

Author: Sabrina Nichols

Grandpa's Favorite Chili


Author: Amy Snyder

Crockpot Cowboy Stew

We also like to top the stew with sour cream. This is a super easy, yummy recipe.

Author: Janice Webb


My mom used to make this with leftover steak or even left over cubed roast. Mmmm...

Author: Leslie Kotwica

Caldillo of Smoked Brisket with Green Chiles

This is from the Best of the Best from Texas. Here's what the intro says. At an altitude of nearly four thousand feet, El Paso gets darned cold in winter,...

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)

Kielbasa Stew (Crock Pot)

We really enjoyed this simple stew from Fix-It and Forget-It Recipes for Entertaining by Phyllis Pellman Good & Dawn J. Ranck. I've made this twice now......once...

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)