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Classic Dry Martini

A classic dry martini cocktail made with gin and vermouth and stirred with ice.

Author: The Editors of Epicurious

Old Fashioned

The invention of the drink is frequently (and probably inaccurately) credited to a bartender at the Pendennis Club, in Louisville, Kentucky, who around the turn of the 20th century reportedly made the...

Author: Robert Hess

To Make an Excellent Cherry Bounce

Author: Stephen A. McLeod

Piña Colada

Created in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the 1950s, this is a longstanding classic. While it can be made with a variety of rums-dark, aged, spiced, white, coconut-I like using a combination, but feel free...

Author: Kim Haasarud

Classic Michelada

Learn to make a classic Mexican beer cocktail with tomato juice, hot sauce, and lime juice that you can sip all day long at the beach.

Author: Kat Odell

Dark and Stormy

An easy Dark and Stormy cocktail recipe

Author: Dale DeGroff

Pisco Sour

Author: Ryan McGrale

Vodka and Watermelon Cooler

An easy Vodka and Watermelon Cooler drink recipe

The Classic Margarita

Learn the classic recipe for a margarita on the rocks, a refreshing cocktail made with high quality tequila.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Author: Jessica B. Harris

Amaretto Sour Slushy

The base for this make-ahead frozen cocktail goes in the freezer before serving, so it doesn't require much ice to stay cool. Serve at your next bbq!

Author: Jeremy Oertel and Natasha David

Pomegranate Champagne Punch

This bright and bubbly punch features pomegranate seeds and Champagne.

Author: Melissa Clark

Martini on the Rocks

No muss, no fuss. This martini cocktail on ice is good to go in a few seconds.

Author: Robert Simonson

The Cherry Bomb

Author: Matt Duckor

Classic Champagne Cocktail

Author: Kim Haasarud

Ponche a Crème


Author: Brigid Washington

Calvados Sidecars

Author: Holly Smith

Maple Old Fashioned

This twist on the classic whiskey cocktail is the perfect way to welcome fall.

Author: Matt Duckor

Frozen Moscow Mule

The classic Moscow Mule cocktail has vodka, lime, & ginger beer-but it's better with fresh ginger. Make this blender frozen drink for your next bbq.

Author: Maggie Hoffman


This adaptation of a classic recipe comes from Eben Freeman, bartender of Tailor Restaurant in New York City.

Author: Eben Freeman

Ramos Gin Fizz

Author: Eben Freeman

Chandon Brut Mojito

The minty mojito is taken to a sparkling new level with this variation on a tropical themed drink. It is remarkably refreshing-an excellent opening act for an evening of fun and fine dining.

Author: Jeff Morgan

Bloody Mary

Author: Eben Freeman


Author: Eben Freeman

Bazooka Bubblegum Cocktail

Eben Freeman, bartender of Tailor Restaurant in New York City, developed this bubblegum-infused vodka cocktail. The drink gets its name from Bazooka bubblegum, but Freeman prefers to use Double Bubble...

Author: Eben Freeman

Blueberry Apple Cordials

For those times when you buy as many quarts of berries as you can carry, then don't know what to do with them, preserve them into drinkable form.

Author: Nicole Rucker

Frozen Pineapple Mojito

Put the lime in the pineapple with this fun summer cocktail! Scoop the fruit from the skin to create pineapple "cups," freeze it, and blend it into a bright and refreshing play on a mojito. Or, if you're...

Author: Katherine Sacks

Black Velvet

Guinness is considered by its many aficionados to be extremely creamy, but when you add it to Champagne or prosecco, its fruitiness emerges as well. The proportions are roughly two parts bubbly to one...

Author: David Bowers

French 75

Gin and Champagne make a bubbly wonderful duo, which is why this classic cocktail is always a good idea.

Author: Chris Morocco

Rusty Nail

Drambuie, a Scotch-based honey-and-herb liqueur, is what really distinguishes this classic cocktail.

Herbed Feta Dip

Author: Bon Appétit Test Kitchen

Cuba Libre

An easy highball made with rum, cola, and lime.

Vieux Carré

Named for the French Quarter of New Orleans, this classic cocktail is complex and boozy. It's made with rye whiskey, cognac, Bénédictine, and bitters.

Amaretto Cranberry Kiss

Author: Meredith Deeds

Cranberry Cobbler

Author: Jim Meehan

Campari Spritz

Dry rosé and lemon soda complement the citrusy flavor of Campari and make for a beautifully vibrant cocktail.

Author: Kat Boytsova

Orange Mint Julep

Author: Bobby Flay

Royal Dock Cooler

This punch recipe from Shannon Mustipher uses Earl Grey tea, pineapple, grapefruit, and pot still Jamaican rum.

Author: Shannon Mustipher

Cucumber Cilantro Margarita

This is a summery spin on a margarita, lightened with cilantro and cucumber. Make this tequila cocktail when you need some refreshment!

Author: Danny Trejo

Sweet Tea with Vodka and Lemonade

A perfect summertime cocktail. Because it's a combination of iced tea, lemonade, and booze, we've dubbed it the Tipsy Arnold Palmer.

Author: Fred Thompson

Blackberry Mojitos

Author: Bobby Flay

Basil Vodka Gimlets

This fragrant twist on the gimlet cocktail gets its clean green notes not from lime juice but from fresh basil. For extra glamour and aroma, tuck small sprigs of additional basil into each glass.


Author: Bon Appétit Test Kitchen